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Born in the Laurentians north of Montreal and Quebec's largest protected natural area, I began photography for fun 10 years ago to see it become a full time work last year. I shoot mostly outdoor, nature, wildlife, pets and as well lifestyle portraits. Always searching for that elusive light, photography and nature are my two passions!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US senate vs scintist on global warming

Global warming, a political scam?

It has long been a suspicion of mine that the sun had a lot to do about the so-called global warming caused by human. In fact it all appear to cyclical, watch the video link above from friends of science.

Monday, November 23, 2009

urban sprawling and overpopulation vs nature

Jane Goodall is a world leading biologist, listen to this short clip and then realise that every new sub divisions, every new comercial development are reasons to worry as it ALWAYS affects nature one way or the other.

a special day

Welcome to my blog and very first text. As time goes by I hope for this blog to generate awareness and for people to get re aquainted with nature and our planet. Often I am asked how can people make a difference and the response is very simple; GET INVOLVED!

Join this blog, participate in the discussions, share your opinions, debate others. Government policies can only be changed if enough people rallies aroung a single cause so lets talk and blog about our planet! Sharing this blog and its discussions will also raise awareness amoung ourselves, one can't protect nature if one does not know that a specific area, flaura or wildlife ir in danger. Share!